Prof. Yunus Alapan
Uni. of Wisconsin-Madison
Prof. Veronika Magdanz
University of Waterloo
Dr. Juliane Simmchen
TU Dresden
Prof. Simone Schürle-Finke
ETH Zurich
Prof. Bahareh Behkam
Virginia Tech
Prof. Taher Saif
Uni. Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Prof. Victoria Webster-Wood
Carnegie Mellon University
Prof. Nicole W. Xu.
University of Colorado Boulder
Prof. Maria Guix
University of Barcelona
Prof. Ritu Raman
Prof. Lorenzo Vannozzi
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Prof. Kit Kevin Parker
Harvard Medical School
Prof. Donato Romano
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Prof. Hirotaka Sato
Nanyang Technological University
Dr. Melanie Anderson
Washington University
Prof. Thomas Schmickl
University of Graz
(Photo: Uni Graz/Kernasenko)
Prof. Shoji Takeuchi
University of Tokyo
Dr. Douglas Blackiston
Tufts University

8:00. Dr. Miriam Filippi and Prof. Robert Katzschmann “Welcome and Introduction”

8:10. Dr. Yunus Alapan “Biohybrid microswimmers with stimuli-responsive biological soft carriers” – ONLINE

8:35. Prof. Veronica Magdanz “Using sperm as components for biohybrid microrobots with applications in reproductive technology” – ONLINE

8:50. Dr. Juliane Simmchen “Bio-to-life transition: how can microswimmers (enzyme-driven reactions or hybrid bacteria motors) be sustainably fabricated and controlled?” – ONLINE

9.05. Prof. Simone Schürle “Engineering and controlling magnetically responsive bacteria-based microrobots for enhanced drug delivery” – ONLINE

9:20. Prof. Bahareh Behkam “Controllable microbiorobotics in fighting cancer and other biomedical tasks” – ONLINE

9:35. Prof. Taher Saif “Lessons learnt from living machines – opportunities and challenges” – IN PERSON

10:20. Prof. Victoria A. Webster-Wood “Advantages and challenges in top-down techniques for biohybrid robots from farmable sources” – IN PERSON

10:35. Prof. Nicole Xu “Bio-hybrid robotic jellyfish: Applications and implications in biology, robotics, oceanography, and ethics.” – IN PERSON

10:50. Prof. Maria Guix “Modulating control and functionality in skeletal muscle robots” – IN PERSON

11:15. Prof. Ritu Raman “Neuromuscular tissue engineering” – ONLINE

11:30. Prof. Lorenzo Vannozzi “3D skeletal muscle tissue challenges in biofabrication and prediction” – IN PERSON

11:45. Prof. Kit Parker “Using Cardiac Biophysics to Design Biohybrid Robotics” – IN PERSON

13.45. Prof. Donato Romano “Insect-robot interaction and biohybrid information transfer: a paradigm shifts for biological investigation and sustainable environmental management” – ONLINE

14:10. Prof. Hirotaka Sato “Insect–computer hybrid systems, search and rescue missions, autonomous navigation, recognition of unstructured environment” – ONLINE

14:25. Dr. Melanie Anderson “Using insect antennae as biohybrid sensors for dynamic aerial odor localization” – IN PERSON

14:40. Prof. Thomas Schmickl “Studying Complex Honeybee Behaviours with the Help of Robots” – IN PERSON

14:55. Prof. Shoji Takeuchi “Bio-hybrid Technologies and Biofabrication” – ONLINE

15:10. Dr. Douglas Blackiston “Leveraging developmental biology and AI-assisted predictions to build new classes of organic machines at several size scales” – ONLINE

15:50 3-Minute Lightning Talks + Posters – IN PERSON and ONLINE
Aiste Balciunaite
Jaime Pietrantuono
Lewis Jones
Diana Mock
Anna Bock
Pablo Paniagua
Sasha Rayshubskiy
MennaAllah Soliman
Arman Hajizadeh

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Dr. Miriam Filippi
Established Researcher, ETH Zurich
Prof. Robert Katzschmann
Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich
Aiste Balciunaite
Ph.D. Student, ETH Zurich